Fellow researchers in agent-oriented models and technologies, AI, and healthcare applications, this is a reminder that today, at 14:00 CEST starts the Agents Applied to Healthcare (A2HC) workshop, part of AAMAS international conference!


The workshop aims to discuss applications of agent technologies to healthcare, a crucial domain of research, as demonstrated by the numerous initiatives devoted to financially supporting projects in this topic, such as those included under the “Health and Wellbeing” work programme of H2020 in Europe or promoted by the NIH in the USA.

Accordingly, today we will host 5 wonderful talks discussing the accepted papers:

  • “Cohort and Trajectory Analysis in Multi-Agent Support Systems for Cancer Survivors” by Gaetano Manzo, Davide Calvaresi, Jean-Paul Calbimonte, Oscar Jimenez Del Toro and Michael Schumacher
  • “Optimizing Adaptive Notifications in Mobile Health Interventions Systems: Reinforcement Learning from a Data-driven Behavioral Simulator” by Shihan Wang, Chao Zhang, Ben Kröse and Herke van Hoof
  • “Decision support for a vaccination campaign based on an agent-based model” by Emilio Sulis and Pietro Terna
  • “Augmenting BDI agency with a Cognitive Service: general architecture and validation in healthcare domain” by Sara Montagna, myself, and Emiliano Gamberini
  • “Multi Agent Architecture for Automated Health Coaching” by Ajith Vemuri, Keith Decker, Mathew Saponaro and Gregory Dominick

All the pre-recorded presentations and slides are availble at A2HC program page, check them out and join our discussion at A2HC virtual “social table” :)

The opening and closing livestreams are available for those who registered to AAMAS or the workshops only via Zoom through A2HC Underline page: join us there, too!

See you today! Peace.