I’m proud to announce that we won the best paper award at IDC 2021, ex-aequo with colleagues from Saint Petersburg State University :)


Kudos to Marco Gambelli, the brilliant master student who did most of the practical work of developing the simulations and analysing the results!

In brief, the paper studies the opportunity of progressively deploying a combination of different crossing strategies to different portions of an intersection network. The study is motivated by the fact that, in a future of connected and self-driving vehicles, it is unrealistic to think that city administrators will replace all the existing road infrastructures at once, suddenly enabling advanced intersection crossing strategies anywhere. Rather, it is more realistic to think in terms of a progressive replacement, possibly focussing first on the those intersections in a network that would benefit the most from advanced coordination strategies.

The key results achieved are:

  • reservation-based strategies, beside performing better than other strategies at the level of individual intersections (as already known from the literature), have the best global impact on the intersections network
  • even in the case where only a few intersections are managed through reservation, significant global improvements to the traffic situation are still observed
  • not only the number, but also the locations where reservation-based strategies are deployed has an impact

The plot below (Figure 3 in the paper) demonstrates the best combination and displacement of crossing strategies in the considered intersections network.


Instead, the plot below (Figure 5 in the paper) demonstrates the effect of progressive deployment.


As soon as the paper actually becomes available online, I’ll post it in the Publications section, hence remember to keep an eye on it if interested in the topic ;) Or, contact me for a pre-print or any further inquiry :)